The mission of the center for modern torah leadership
is to model and foster a vision of fully committed halakhic Judaism that embraces the intellectual and moral challenges of modernity as spiritual opportunities, takes responsibility for the societal implications of its interpretations of Torah, understands that the real-world effects of Torah are mediated by the character of Torah leaders, and that self-knowledge is therefore essential for Torah leadership, and takes the ultimate significance of all human beings as tzelem Elokim as a fundamental Torah principle.

The Center carries out its mission through the Summer Beit Midrash program, educating up-and-coming leaders to write their own Halakhic responsum after an intense five-weeks' study session; The Rabbis and Educators Professional Development Institute; the Campus and Community Education Institutes; weekly Divrei Torah circulated online; and this website containing articles and audio lectures with over 4000 downloads per month.